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AC 2016 Alberta Connection September 23 -25  Red Deer, AB

Great Conference / Awesome Speakers / Exciting Topics

Our fifth Alberta Connection Astrological Conference was another milestone on our journey to becoming the best astrological conference in Canada. We received a lot of positive feedback about our AC conference and we will continue to provide a platform for new speakers to present their material. AC 2016 Brochure - click here

Some of our speakers at AC 2016 have offered to post their lectures. The contents of the lectures are the property of the presenters, please respect their rights. Some .pdf lectures are password protected.

Please contact Inge at inge@astrologyedmonton.com for passwords.

Inge Lohse

Inge has an Aquarian Sun with an investigative Scorpio Ascendant. Mars and Mercury in Capricorn, she enjoys researching the practical applications of astrology. Inge is co-author (with Liz Swoboda) of Astrology for the Traveller -Trip Charts. A founding member of the EAS, she  hosts the ever popular annual EAS Astrological weekend in June.

AC 2016 Lecture:

 Horary Astrology

Tracy Quinlan

Tracy Quinlan is an Edmonton based astrologer. She has enjoyed astrology for over 30 years, enlightening and learning from her captive audience as a hairstylist for 26 years. She moved into more serious study of the subject in 2007. “There is no aspect of astrology I do not find fascinating. I want to learn it all…hopefully I live long enough!” Tracy has now fully committed to her astrological practice through her business Consult the Sky.

AC 2016 Lecture:

 Pallas: The Asteroid (Password Protected)

Betty Petruk

Betty has a Gemini Sun, Taurus Moon and a Sagittarius ASC. She has been a student of astrology for 28 years and feels there is still more to learn. As a contributing member of the EAS, Betty was the Newsletter editor for 7 years, as well as Vice President and Program Director. She has done presentations for EAS monthly meetings and for the S.A.A.S. Calgary group organized by Paul Hewitt.

Betty Arc Sun Chart Form  

Paula Carnegie Fehr

Paula Carnegie Fehr has been an avid student of astrology since 1995. While working mainly as a Complementary Health Therapist in several capacities, she weaves astrology into her work where she is able to, and fuels her passion to know more about it the rest of the time.

AC 2016 Lecture:

Boundless:Declinations (Password Protected)

Lesley Francis

Lesley’s passion is supporting people in the greatest act of creativity – living life. Lesley is a full-time practising astrologer, intuitive, professional writer, teacher/facilitator and speaker. Her monthly predictions grace the Llewellyn Astrological Calendar for the sixth year. A founding member of the Edmonton Astrological Society, Lesley has spoken at numerous astrological conferences including NORWAC, SOTA and the inaugural Canadian Astrology Conference in Edmonton Lesley can be reached through her website www.lesleyfrancis.com.

AC 2016 Lecture:   Lunar Rhythms