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AC 2018 Event Chart

September 14, 2018  6:50 PM  Red Deer AB


This chart promises an event that is ambitious, educational, and intensely intellectual with a Sagittarius Mid-heaven.

An Aquarius Ascendant ensures knowledge is shared and put to practical use.

The Sun in Virgo says the conference will be a socially efficient and a methodically planned affair.

The Moon in Sagittarius encourages emotional freedom, entertains with a sense of humour and nurtures with wisdom.

Mercury in its own sign of Virgo ensures the conference is well organized and meticulous attention is paid to every detail.

Venus in Scorpio is intense, passionate and confident of financial success.  

Mars in Aquarius is inspirational, endorses original, independent thinking and changes long term viewpoints.

Jupiter in Scorpio is focused, attracts good fortune and encourages us to seek the truth.

Saturn in Capricorn provides structure and discipline. Built on a very solid foundation, this event will provide a lasting legacy for the future.  

Uranus in Taurus offers logical, common sense solutions to handle financial assets.

Neptune in Pisces dissolves inhibitions, unveiling the creative self-expression within.

Pluto in Capricorn investigates thoroughly to reach the truth. Speakers are very professional and their lectures will lay the foundation to transform ideas into practical applications.